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CEPTING :. Center for Planning and Engineering
Gandijeva 76-a, 11070 Novi Beograd, SERBIA
Systems Design
•  Fire-protection studies
•  Projects of fire-protection zones
•  Designing and installing fire detection systems
•  Designing and installing fire distinguishing systems
Also, Cepting provides collaboration with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, thus combining their skills for an in-depth study and project design and covering technical resources for all other components of a major project, when needed.

Instalation of systems for fire-detection and fire extinguishing is done with the equipment produced by TYCO, a worldwide leader in fire systems, by our experienced team of engineers and technicians. Cepting uses know-how concepts to provide maximum safety for each facility. Combining various fire protection technologies and knowledge of all major fire protection systems, Cepting offers a highly adaptable approach to each and every distinctive project.

Demands for fire protection systems are very high. On the other hand, there is extremely low number of adequate firms that can provide maintaining of these systems. CEPTING is definitely one of them, certainly the best in this area. Our team of engineers and technicians knows a job. Highly complex equipment needs the best people. Long experience in this area makes us capable to secure your safety.
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